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joninkrakow 08-08-08 01:56 AM

burning knees
I couldn't find anything addressing my specific problem, so I'm asking. Also, not sure where to post it, so I put it in general. If it's not the please, admins, please feel free to move it where it belongs....

Now, my problem. I've got a big overpass I need to cross that is rather steep, but attached to it is a very steep ramp. My problem is that, when I pedal up it, at some point the top of my knees (on my leg above the kneecap, not in the kneecap or below it on my calf, but above it on my thigh) start burning. The longer I push up that "hill" the worse they burn. To make things weirder from my perspective. As soon as I get to the top, and no longer need to push, the pain goes away. And even weirder, I can pedal on flats, and really push to turn it over, and also, no burning sensation.

So, is this muscle, tendons (or whatever) or is this maybe a joint problem? If it's merely muscles, no big deal, I presume, but I'm 43, and I worry about major damage. My dad has both his knees replaced in his late 60s or early 70s. Am I doing myself bad by riding up this ramp? Should I walk it? Always in the past, I've pushed myself through my pain, but I'm not so young any more. :-) Oh, I should add that I only noticed yesterday for the first time. In the past, I've ridden every other day, but this week, I've ridden every day. Don't know if that would change anything or not.

I suppose that maybe I should see a doctor? But before I do, I was wondering what others have experienced. Thanks.


Nightshade 08-08-08 08:28 AM

You're gonna get a lots of "jail house" advice about what's wrong but go to your doctor
to get real medical advice and treatment for this health concern.

Your health is no place to cheap it, mate.;);)

Smooth James 08-08-08 08:45 AM

First a few questions:
Is your seat high enough? (If you bend your knees to much it puts more stress on them)
Do you shift down far enough? (You will need to spin faster to go up a long steep hill. Spinning faster will put less stress on you knee as well)

If the pain continues you should contact your doctor. I have knee problems as well although I am only 22 yo. I have brought it up with my doctor several times and he could not find anything wrong. Now I take a fish oil supplement and my joints feel a lot better.

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