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Rob P. 08-10-08 12:54 AM

Grrr - noise in frt wheel hub
I just serviced my hub bearings (free ball) and now I have this strange ticking noise in my front wheel.

It kinda sounds like a playing card in my spokes but only really low in volume. The faster the wheel spins, the faster and louder the noise. Weight doesn't matter but you can't hear it with the wheel off the fork.

I've serviced these bearings several times and this has NEVER happened before. Spokes are fine and tight. Rim is true, tire/tube is not new or old. Bearings are not too tight and the noise is there even if the cones are so loose the wheel slops around on the axle. It is NOT the brake pads either.

Someone please tell my what the heck is wrong cuz I can't figure it out. The wheel was quiet before I serviced the bearings so I know it's from the grease and repack. Wrong weight grease maybe?

RonH 08-10-08 07:49 AM

You might get more replies in the Bike Mechanics forum.

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