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Tree Trunk 02-06-04 11:31 AM

64 yr old starts cycling...
I just want to brag about my dad!! He had a heart attack last March, right after his 63rd birthday. He was a smoker, wasn't into exercise, and loved to eat. It wasn't unusual for dad to eat 6 hot dogs along with chips and pop on a Saturday afternoon.

The heart attack woke him up. He hasn't had a cigarette since the day before his heart attack, is still eating right a year after the heart attack, and he started cycling as soon as the doc said it was OK. Dad rode a 28 mile ride with my brother and I last September, at a moderate (14 mph) average pace. Since last June, Dad has bought 2 bicycles and is looking at road bikes now. I get at least two phone calls a week from him now and the majority of our conversations center around cycling. Heck, he even calls me at work to ask me questions about what I think is best to buy, to brag about a ride, etc.... Dad never called me at work before the heart attack and cycling! Dad was over 230# when he had the heart attack. He is now around 195# (he's 6'1" tall). We are talking about riding RAGBRAI together next year -- maybe even making it a family affair with my mom, brothers, wife, and kids riding along with us. Our family vacation this year is riding the Elroy-Sparta trail and camping at the midpoint for a couple of days. That was mom's idea (with a great deal of encouragement from dad!!).

Pretty cool, eh?

joeprim 02-06-04 11:34 AM

Sounds like a great success story to me. Good for your Dad.


Gus Riley 02-06-04 11:35 AM

Yes pretty cool TT!! Probably see you two next year as well. The wifey says next year is RAGBRAI tandem year, so we'll be there.

jeff williams 02-06-04 12:22 PM

What type of bike did your father start riding on?

And I hope his intrest in cycling and his health means many more years of family life together.

Perhaps some inquiries to local cycle clubs to find an older bike pal for him to ride with during the day?

DnvrFox 02-06-04 02:06 PM

Tell your dad Hi from another 64 yo, and congratulations!

Al.canoe 02-07-04 07:19 AM

I was lucky and developed health problems at 26. That got me into fitness training early which benefits me greatly now at 64. Unfortunately, I didn't get into biking untill age 60, but I'm making up for lost time now. My wife and I travel often to the southern mountains and sometimes even to Utah to mountain bike. We road bike frequently too. A great way to stay fit and have fun in retirement.

One caution though. According to the local doctors and some articles I've read, too much focus on cycling leads to or accelerates bone-density loss. One needs to have weight traing and walking/jogging in addition to cycling. This is especially so for us "old" folks.


shokhead 02-07-04 07:52 AM

Mine did the same.Stopped smoking and got a GT hybrid at 71 and after 15,000 miles,gave it to me and he got a CD R600. Thats when i started riding.

Stevet04II 02-07-04 01:56 PM

Good for him.;)

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