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Vegan Carnivore 02-07-04 12:29 PM

Shoes for Stationary biking?
I have a stationary recumbent bike in my basement and all of my regular tennis shoes give me toe problems after a couple of miles. Should I get special biking shoes for use on a stationary bike? I suppose I could use them with my real bike when all this darn snow melts. Anyway, is buying bike shoes for a stationary bike recommended?

A sub-question: I'm a men's 11, which makes me a 45.5 in an AXO shoe. But when I look at them online, half the time they dont have any sizes between 40 and 50, and the rest of the time they list only sizes four, four point five, and five! What's the deal, are any of those comparable to a 45.5, or are they only selling shoes to leprechauns?

Help! Thanks in advance!

Jonny B 02-07-04 01:55 PM

Moving or not, cycling is cycling. Proper bike shoes make such a difference. I have some Shimano M020s, they're cheap, comfy and work great in clips or with SPDs.

As for the sizes, AXO (or whatever site you were looking at) probably list whatever they have in stock, but they can more than likely get other sizes by specail order. And European half sizes aren't always available, so you may have to get a 45 or 46. Having said that, all shoe makers are different, and a 45 from one company is not nesseccarily the same as a 45 from another. Much better to try on as many shoes as possible and pick the one that fits best (not always the size you think it will be; my Vans are 43s, my posh shoes are 42s but my bike shoes are 45s).

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