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nivekdodge 08-15-08 08:52 PM

Bike Rack Directions
My neighbor just gave me a bike rack for my sister n law, And I can't find directions anywhere...
It's an older bell but looks alot like this

There must be something with the extra tube and using it to lock the straps in

Thanks if you have them

xenologer 08-15-08 08:59 PM

Isn't it typically 5mm allen head bolts to attach stuff like fenders, racks, etc onto most bikes?

Or did you really mean a 'car rack' when you said you have a 'bike rack'?:rolleyes:

nivekdodge 08-15-08 09:05 PM

I meant the first one for 49.99

nivekdodge 08-15-08 09:07 PM

Yes that would be a Bicycle carier rack to mount on the back of an automobile

xenologer 08-15-08 09:08 PM

You could sell it and buy the last one for 16.99.
Looks to be much nicer, you can put that on your bike then zip tie a nice milk crate to it. Carry all kinds of cool stuff.

All the first one does it let you attach your car to your bike. That'd be insane, imagine biking up a hill dragging a car?


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