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Xtrmyorick 02-10-04 01:34 AM

Bike trailer (not the kid kind)
My cycling team has fairly limited funding for transportation, so we need to get as many bikes on as few cars as possible for transportation to our races. Does anyone know of plans anywhere for building a trailer that can be attached to a towing hitch and outfitted with Skewers and/or troughs to hold a lot of bikes? Or, alternately, where such a trailer could be purchased?

dirtbikedude 02-10-04 07:33 AM

You can get one like the site below has in either the 5'x10' or 12' and then bolt on what ever type of latch system you want.

IndianValley Trailers

You can get 10 to 15 bikes on one if done right. You should also be able to pick a used trailer up for at least half the price. Check ebay and other auto sites.


sscyco 02-10-04 09:29 AM

I've got a 4x8' trailer I bought about 10 years ago new. It cost about $250 then - and I think you can get it for the same now. I bought it at Fred Meyer (I think you have one in WW) - you can also find them at Harbor Freight Tools. The trailer comes in a box so you have to build it up. It weighs maybe 200#s - even with a whole bunch of bikes, any car could tow it. You'd just need to buy 8-10 of those fork lock dealies from Performance Bike, Mount them on the trailer so that the bikes overlap each other. Build a protective wind break (put fancy team logos on it) and you'll be ready to roll. Total project cost - about $500-600. If you need more specifics - PM me.

DieselDan 02-10-04 06:06 PM

You could trade a car in and use a compact pickup, with an extented cab, and haul about 12 bikes with the front wheel hanging over the side.

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