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Nabagelis 08-17-08 03:59 AM

Track sport rules

I have been searching for this sport rules for past two hours and i didint find it though, so here is my question.

1) What are the complete rules of Olympic Bicycle sport track or trek(dont know how it spells) rules?
I ment the one that riders go for 3 or 4 laps and only the 1 lap counts or something.
2) Why they say that the second rider has a big advantage and always win?
3) Why dont riders start going fast from the start? they tend to keep position and go slow or something.

I hope someone will answer my questions fast, because i argued with my father about this sport rules, we almost fight :lol: so i wanna make sure i was right.

Thanks indeed !


Rex G 08-17-08 09:29 AM

For a fast answer, go to the Track Cycling forum right here on BF. Members tend to only look at the forums they find interesting; a trackie may never look here in General Cycling.

Retro Grouch 08-17-08 11:17 AM

It's all about wind resistance.

It's lots easier to ride behind another bicycle than it is to be the leader. If two riders are evenly matched, the second rider can almost always make a fresh sprint near the end of the race and win.

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