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mymilkexpired 02-11-04 07:07 AM

Shorts and Bibs...
What makes bibs so much better than shorts? I was reading over another thread about 'what shorts do you use' and it peaked my curiousity about what makes the bibed short so much better than a regular short...

well? :)

Richard D 02-11-04 08:11 AM

You don't have an uncomfortable waistband and they don't ride down.

Oak Park Biker 02-11-04 10:41 AM

I like shorts better. Bibs are not very comfortable to me.

SipperPhoto 02-11-04 10:58 AM

I just switched to Bibs... they are great, unless you have to go to the bathroom frequently...

I like them better... they just seem more comfortable... they don't slide up, or down, and there is no annoying waistband jabbin' me in the gut


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