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TXCiclista 02-13-04 12:11 PM

Decent pair of shorts for price-conscious Team Performance members
Not a big spender on shorts, so don't expect Pi's for a crazy price in this post.

A Team P deal has Performance's "Ultra" 16-panel shorts (10-3625J) for $30. These are $60 shorts, so it's a good deal to me. I ordered a pair (w/ 2-day shipping upgrade :D ) and they feel good. Haven't had a chance to try them on the bike, but they were well constructed and fit well/comfortably when I tried them on. I'd get another pair, but I foresee losing 30 lbs this season...

Also, they have a VERY bright "rear" light (red) for 50% off in the lights section. Forgot what it's called, but it was $13 and is STAGGERINGLY bright! It'll be great as a tailight if I can figure out how to mount it. :D I think there was also a wheel truing station for $30 and the truck bike mounting kit (w/ 2 mounts) for $40, but it's got an "oversized" S&H charge of $20

cyclezealot 02-13-04 12:55 PM

I like their elite shorts. When on sale great shorts for the money..Look at the chamois, looks very much like chamois on much more expensive brand shorts.
Also,I like the hydro shorts. For the money, you get a similiar ride to more expensive shorts. I do find the gel shorts do not last long and reports are they deteriate quikly. Feels like a soiled diaper, but do seem to work well at preventing chafing.

EagleEye 02-13-04 03:54 PM

I also like their elite shorts and elite bib shorts.

cyclezealot 02-14-04 01:10 AM

Today, I wore my blue elite bibs on my commute. Black, seems there is no problem...Have not worn them that much.
But looking at them as they are hanging out to dry..The blue fabric is getting thin on the legs and about the contact point where the saddle meets the chamois. Do not like thin lycra. Stuff shows. Bet I have not worn them, but at most 30 times. They were on sale for no more than $40, but does not look like they will last a long time.

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