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shokhead 02-13-04 12:12 PM

Wheelsets,to much of a good thing?
American Classic CR350 Aero 1290g
Bontrager Triple X Lites 1190g
Campy Hyperon 1240g
Rolf Prima 1250g
Zipp 303 Tubular 1124g
Can a wheelset be to light or are these for race day only?

Limba 02-13-04 12:22 PM

I would only use those wheels for racing and I would only buy them if I was a good racer.
Joe Blow should worry about how much HE weighs and stop spending money on light weight parts that weren't designed for him.

RacerX 02-13-04 12:47 PM

I race CX on Zipp 404 tubulars. They are not weak wheels.
I wouldn't use them everyday of course. What with the expense of tires, doesn't make sense.

Zipp303's are great, great wheels. I don't know anything about the others except the Hyperions are AWESOME. Gawd, those are some wicked wheels.

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