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travis200 02-16-04 06:02 PM

Looking for Road Cycling Wallpaper
I am looking for some new cycling wallpaper. Preferably road racing type. I've checked out Graham Watson the usual 3 boring ones are still up. Found some great ones at Cervelo's site. Found a couple on USPS's site. There has to be more out there!? Please someone point me in the right direction.

ZebraGonzo 02-16-04 06:14 PM

How about here

cyclezealot 02-16-04 06:29 PM

I often find great pictures off of cycling News photo gallery.
Right now, I think my keeper will be the famous photo of LA giving Ullrich "the look" as he swept past Jan on his First Tour De France. Great photo. That is on my work desktop.
At home, My wallpaper is again from the Cycling News photo gallery..My team for which I was a booster. "Bonjour."
Chavanel racing- displaying my favorite kit.
Just save one of their web site photo and make wallpaper.
Guests using our computer thought the Bonjour kit was of me.I just wish.

lotek 02-16-04 06:53 PM
he has a wallpaper of the month and its usually some
of the best race photography you'll see.


Jakey 02-16-04 11:59 PM

I found some great ones buy just doing an advanced google image search for large images using keywords like Cycling, Lance Armstrong, etc...etc...

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