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tstartrekdude 08-26-08 04:59 AM

are you in bike kit right now?
yes or no, are you in bike kit right now?


wahoonc 08-26-08 05:22 AM

I am in mine...funny but it looks just like the clothes I wear everyday;) Jeans, Tshirt, work boots and a safety vest:thumb:


JonathanGennick 08-26-08 06:04 AM

Yes. I find spandex lets me slide through the forums with ease. Baggies get hung up on some of the sharp-edged posts. And I wear a helmet for when I bump up against a flame-fest. :D :D :D

donheff 08-26-08 06:17 AM

Yeah, because I just got up and am waiting for DW to get ready to go on a ride.

cyclezealot 08-26-08 06:29 AM

Sometimes bike kit can be the dress of the day.. Then I put soccer shorts over my bike clothes...The reason, quite often I do an earlier AM group ride and a couple hours later I go out on a shorter ride in order to complete errands. Both times I get sweaty , so why change.

Podolak 08-26-08 06:48 AM

Nope, I change for work. When I do ride in to work we have showers so it is all the more reason to put work cloths on.

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