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Ryan_M 08-27-08 12:07 PM

How long until I can blame the seat?
I've gotten back into cycling after a long time. I ride 25k to 40k three times a week and have almost 300k on my new bike, a Giant FCR2. As far as I can tell I've gotten over most of the newb soreness except for my butt, which occurs while riding rather then after. My bike has a WTB Laser V Comp seat which I've read is not very popular.

How long should I ride with this seat before I can actually blame the seat and not myself for being sore?

Podolak 08-27-08 12:23 PM

Some say 100 miles (161KM) some say 500 miles (805KM). I usually know within 100 miles and mine was a Brooks. My WTB saddle on my MTB bike fit great the first ride. However, given that you haven't ridden in a while you may want to give it a bit more time.

JJPistols 08-27-08 11:45 PM

have you adjusted the saddle at all? maybe it's tilted up or down too much for you

or maybe the saddle sucks, I dunno

Ryan_M 08-28-08 12:59 AM

Yeah I've played with the seat angle. Just seems to change the sore spot a bit. I get sore where my butt cheek meets the back of my thigh (sorry don't mean to paint any mental pictures). I'm tempted to say it's not a newb issue because as it happens during the ride, not soreness the next day, that I'd see being a newb problem. I've even had to cut my ride short a couple times because of it.

Looking at the seat it looks like one of the ones that just look big and cushy but not really properly designed. Also I noticed a big fat stitching that might be the cause of my problems... why would they make big fat stitches along the top and down the sides of a saddle? My LBS has a seat loaner program where you can take one home and try it for free (really great idea IMHO), I think I'll get one just to compare for tomorrows ride. I'm not afraid to admit that I'm a cream puff but I don't like the idea of a bad saddle keeping me off my bike, especially since I'm trying to stay motivated while getting back into it.

onbike 1939 08-28-08 04:29 AM

^^^ A big squashy saddle is not what you need. Use the search facility here and you'll find lots of advice.

Wordbiker 08-28-08 06:33 AM

Our shop offers the same WTB Test Ride program. Definitely take advantage of it as it really sounds like a saddle shape issue.

If you have a Specialized dealership nearby, you may ask if they have an Ass-O-Meter. Funny name, but I used one and have found the most comfortable saddle for me to be the Rival SL in a 143mm width. YMMV.

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