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Da Tinker 02-18-04 08:31 PM

A while back, a thread talked about using dog tags for ID. Heck, I use 'em.

Well, how about an electronic dog tag:

This puppy stores 40 lines of info for 40 bucks. Looks like each line is 10 characters long, so that's 400 characters. That should be enough for ID, contact data & medical brief. Works is 6 languages, so could be useful for travelers.

forum*rider 02-18-04 08:33 PM

that might be useful. I usually just carry my school id in my camelback along with a paper from my doctor's office stating my bloodtype and all that important stuff.

demoncyclist 02-18-04 09:04 PM

I have a RoadID tag on the watchband of my Heart Rate Monitor. It has my ID info, my wife's phone numbers, my blood type, and the bottom line states "ONLY EMS TO REMOVE HELMET"

supcom 02-18-04 09:47 PM

Cool! I like the suggested line: "I like my tummy rubbed".

You could program all kinds of important stuff like favorite beer, how you like your steak prepared, etc.

You could also use it like a mini PDA to store phone numbers for your favorite LBS, cab company, etc.

Realistically though, other than your name, address, and emergency contact number, and drug allergies, there's really no other information needed on a cycling 'dog tag'. If the tag becomes neccessary, it's because you are in bad shape and things like insurance information are not needed to get critical care.

Still, the dog-e-tag looks like a great conversation piece!

RonH 02-19-04 02:15 PM

Now you tell me after I spent $20 for my RoadID.

Now I have another "toy" to buy. :)

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