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billalex70 08-29-08 06:35 PM

Need a bike rack. Suggestions?
Hello all.

I am just getting back into the world of biking after a long time away. I purchased a Trek 2.1 Pilot a few weeks ago and love riding it. Now I am wanting to meet up with other people to ride with. I understand that if I get a carrier that clamps onto the bar there is a good chance it will rub my paint off. Not a good situation. :cry: I would love to be able to take at least 3 bikes in case my wife would decide to take her's along with my daughter and I.

Need experience in this. Help!

JoelS 08-29-08 06:45 PM

I've been dealing with just this issue. I was thinking about the Saris Bones. Looks like a good rack and has solid reviews. But then a friend offered me a set of Yakima towers with cross bars (free!). Hard to say no to that!

RonH 08-29-08 07:11 PM

Saris Bones.

GonzoMaz 08-30-08 06:41 AM

We use the Saris Bones and love it. Easy to use and can be put on or taken off the car very fast.

billalex70 08-30-08 02:03 PM

I guess that I left out one important statement: I'm looking for a hitch style rack. It didn't even dawn on me until I started looking at the Saris Bones series that I left this out.

Any hitch help?

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