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dobovedo 08-29-08 06:46 PM

Vuelta Last Place?
OK, if the Tour de France last place is the Lanterne Rouge, and the Giro is the Maglia Nera, what is the last place finisher in the Vuelta a Espaņa called?

Besides "LOSER!"

StephenH 08-30-08 02:30 PM

I rode the Hotter'n-Hell 100 in 9.5 hours. I call it "tired". :)

Robert Foster 08-30-08 11:00 PM

In Pamplona Spain they call the one in last place Corneado por un boletin. :innocent:

txvintage 08-31-08 03:53 AM

I did not realize that the last place finishers in the Classics and Grand tours had, dare I say, Titles.

There is hope for me yet should I take up racing. I can now have title aspirations.

Do they have a "Worst Old Rider" jersey?

unterhausen 08-31-08 07:32 PM

the problem getting last place is that you have to stay within the time limit. So you still have to work your behind off. Otherwise we'd all be doing it, slow race through France.

It used to be that being the last place finisher in the TDF was fairly lucrative.

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