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pletcgm 02-20-04 08:50 AM

Calculating Calories Burned
Does anyone know how to calculate the folowing:

Riding 12.5 miles @ 17 mph, how many calories are burned?

MikeOK 02-20-04 09:28 AM


calibrate 02-20-04 09:37 AM


After a one hour ride I can eat a homestyle cheeseburger guilt-free!

SSP 02-21-04 07:42 PM

My CycliStats program includes a built-in calorie and average watts calculator. It takes into account rider weight, bike weight, distance, speed, rider position on bike, elevation gained, etc. (it sounds more complex than it is...the calculation is pretty much automatic when you log a ride in the program).

Here's a link that shows a screen shot of the Calorie Calculator:

pletcgm 02-21-04 07:57 PM

thanks everyone for the info

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