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Judge Montal 09-02-08 02:12 AM

Judge Montal Said....
Hi Dudes an Dudlettes..
My name's Judge Montal, I'm kinda new to this bike thing.
I just got myself a WDII Swedish Army bike, can you tell me if it hurts more falling off this bike rather than me Nardelli racer or me Happy Shopper WRS16? I got the Swedish thing for swooping down on the local pub. Its heavy build is comforting, I can bounce off parked cars in satisfactory style from now on.
I believe there's a new version of this bike made by Kronan... Well... I prefer my old bugger. I'm looking to fitting a sidecar to my bike, if anyone has a suitable one for sale please let me know.

I may be wrong.
I may be cynical.
I am Judge Montal.

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