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Alpha52 09-02-08 04:00 PM

GCD is out of order
why is the General Cycling Discussion Forum not listed in alphabetical order like all the other threads?

DavidLee 09-02-08 04:07 PM

Are you having an OCD moment over GCD? :twitchy: Quit yer *****in, it's easier to find knowing it's always at the bottom. ;)

Nermal 09-02-08 05:33 PM

That's to keep everything from being posted in "General".

RonH 09-02-08 05:34 PM

Because if it were in the "correct" position in the list, many threads that really should be posted in another, more appropriate forum, would end up in General.
General is the catchall forum for threads that either don't belong in another forum or could belong in several forums.

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