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Rockrivr1 09-03-08 05:53 PM

Looking for a new Stem. Recommendations?
I'm in the process of fitting myself to my 06 Felt F80. I have her pretty much set, but my 110mm stem is just a little to long and I'm locking my arms when riding. It's also making my neck a little sore being stretched out like that. I've had the bike fit and the LBS recommended that I get a new stem.

With that said I'm looking for a new stem. I'm looking to get a 90mm stem that will clamp onto a 31.8 mm bar and a 1 1/8th Threadless Steerer Tube. The one on my Felt has a 7 degree rise to it as well.

I'm looking for something similiar to what I have except in a 90mm size. I'm not all that concerned about weight as this is my first road bike and I'm just looking to get her set up for local rides and an occasional charity ride.

With those specs what would you recommend for a new stem? I'm not looking to break the bank here so I'm thinking in the $50 range if it's possible.

Thanks fo rthe help.

Cactuskid 09-03-08 06:18 PM

Consider an adjustable angle stem...mine is 120mmm, but was keeping the handles too low for my back, so this weekend I got an angle adjustable one rode this morning and my back is can get these in various lengths so if you want shorter no problem ..check performance bike or any LBS

BarracksSi 09-03-08 08:47 PM

Your LBS didn't simply put a different stem on there during your fit? Bummer...

cachehiker 09-03-08 09:41 PM

Ya gotta worry about altering the bikes intended handling characteristics if you go shorter than 100mm.

In any case, watch ebay for OEM Felt stems. Mines not 31.8 or I'd offer it but they tend to go pretty cheap and would match much of what's already on the bike. I'd swear mine was actually a Ritchey Comp stem and a Ritchey Pro faceplate with Felt S22 silkscreened on it. The Ritchey silkscreen would fetch twice the price though.

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