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brokenknee 09-05-08 09:06 PM

Originally Posted by Retro Grouch (Post 7411331)
Lucky you! You should have just enough time do a thorough chain cleaning using the Sheldon brown method. Your chain will be "squeeky clean" literally.

I would but I just had a brand new chain put on. Haven't even ridden it yet. :(

bkaapcke 09-06-08 03:52 PM

Around here, they mostly argue about which is the "ultimate method" to clean and relube your chain. Equal time is given over to which lube is best, slipperiest, has the correct size molecules to get into the interstitial spaces on rollers and pins, yada yadda yaddda. bk

Bikewer 09-06-08 06:20 PM

Check through some of the "chain lube" threads in the "Mechanics" section. They tend to get rather...Involved.

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