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iwegian 09-04-08 05:46 PM

in the kingdom of bikes, what is your bike?
i mean like class in society when they had monarchies

my beater would be the homeless street performer (like the guy playing the guitar, dancing, or holding up a sign saying that the apocalypse is coming)

let's have some fun and not take this too seriously.

Buglady 09-04-08 07:34 PM

Mine is an honest yeoman. If pressed, he would probably join Robin Hood's band...

wahoonc 09-04-08 07:42 PM

Which bike:roflmao2: each of my bikes has it's own distinct personality. My Giant Iguana is a jack of all trades; it started out as a MTB trail bike and now is an expedition tour bike. my Raleigh Superbe is a regal old lady, my Raleigh Sports is the old girl down on the corner that has seen better days, but still has a bit of spirit and spunk. My newest bike Redline R530 is like a teenager; strong and able, but still looking for it's purpose and place.:p My Redline 9.2.5 is like heading out with a new girlfriend :;): My Giant Excursion is like a good mother; always comfortable to be with and takes care of what needs to be done.


bengreen79 09-04-08 08:59 PM

I ride a Schwinn (Pacific) MTB so I guess that would make it a jester because some of you would laugh at me and then feed me to the lions for riding around a Pacific.

HopliteGrad 09-04-08 09:32 PM

Mine is the village butcher, a bit heavyset and none too fetching yet redoubtable and a staple of the local economy (mine) :)

jsmithepa 09-04-08 09:41 PM

Oscar De La Hoya. Passed its prime, but still sharing the same route with the Cervelos.

rallykid 09-04-08 10:09 PM

Well I am a tall guy so I ride what looks like a large frame (19.5") when compared to the other people I ride with and it is flat black and dark gray so I guess it would be the skinny emo/goth kid in the corner.

Indie 09-04-08 10:38 PM

Mine are... lepers. One has parts falling off and in need of replacement, and the other is just the kind that nobody wants to have around.

Fortunately I'm learning how to put them back on. Instead of a kindly monk to take care of them at the leper colony, they've got a necromancer.

Yes, I've been reading too much Brother Cadfael and playing too much Diablo II, shuddup. :innocent:

Big_e 09-05-08 05:42 AM

My hybrid would be some kind of lesser lord or noble. She rides really good and thinks she's a more expensive bike.
My mtb would be a hair-brained Quixotic knight. Always tackling obstacles larger than itself, getting knocked down, keeps coming back for more and thinks it's a fast commuter bike.
My poor old Schwinn would be the town fool. Nobody likes to be around him but people like to abuse him. Not my favorite bike but I keep taking her out to ride and make improvements. She is fast!

banana concrete 09-06-08 04:14 PM

My old schwinn ten speed is a grumpy old lady that lives in a bog somewhere and doesn't like other people messing with her (and especially seems to be punishing me for buying her and even thinking about fixing her up. Gah!).

Bikewer 09-06-08 06:18 PM

My homemade recumbent is Frankenstein's monster. Cobbled together from at least 5 different bikes, a piece of exercise equipment, and my lawnmower. (I am not kidding).

AdrianFly 09-07-08 08:14 AM

I'll use nerdy D&D classification.

Magician, Bard, Ranger and a couple Blacksmiths.

maddmaxx 09-07-08 08:28 AM

The "White Rabbit" and the "Dormouse" are self explaning. (sort of)....:)

gmrv4 09-07-08 09:03 AM

My bike is the humble worker in the vineyard.

Buglady 09-07-08 09:32 AM

I want to see the lawnmower bike!

dynodonn 09-07-08 09:47 AM

I would consider mine as average serfs working out their entire lives in the field, doing the necessary daily tasks of life.

ken cummings 09-07-08 10:03 AM

Mine would be Marco Polo, traveling extreme distances, through hostile terranes, carrying all that is needed to stay alive.

Condorita 09-07-08 07:13 PM

"Bloody peasant!"

Bikewer 09-08-08 07:56 AM

Here's my recumbent:
The seat-back frame and the mesh back came from my lawnmower; it's the bagger assembly.

There's a guy that was selling plans for a "no-weld" recumbent online; I looked at the image of the bike and figured out what he was doing.
The first one I built was to his design; it worked but was very clumsy and heavy. So, I had a go at refining this to the extent that I could.

Result is this; 38 pounds. Works well; gear ratios are about right across the range, comfortable, pretty easy to ride. Only one real flaw....Not too stable at high speed.

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