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EvanWCbus 09-04-08 06:06 PM

Right hand falls asleep after 13~ or so miles.
Falls asleep as in my hand feels like blood circulation is cut off a bit. Left hand is fine. I think it has something to do with the fact that my right arm is a bit more built than my left. Anyway, it's probably because my bike doesn't fit me right at all (I'll be craigslist'ing it soon and getting myself a specialized allez that I will be sure will fit me perfectly). The frame is too big and forces me to stretch my arms. Could that be the cause?

I also have these dumb triangular grips that I hate, wondering if that might have something to do with it.

EvanWCbus 09-04-08 06:10 PM

Bike is a Giant FCR3, btw.

z415 09-04-08 06:37 PM

I think to triangular grips are Ergon grips and they are supposed to be the most comfortable if set up correctly. Try rotating them for some angling. For example, my mtb brake levers are pointed about 30 degrees down from horizontal because at that angle my arms/hands form pretty much a straight line. For Ergons it may be different, but I'm sure there is a way to dial it in.

Also, do you wear gloves? Padded gloves with improve circulation through your ulnar area.

If you are too stretched you would normally feel pain in your upper back/shoulders. I had to tweak my set up to get a good fit, but hand numbness was always a symptom of either having a deathgrip on the bars (you should relax) or bad angles. You can always shorten you stem for cheap to bring everything in.

If you really want a new bike, make sure to test ride it first before your purchase.

Buglady 09-04-08 07:30 PM

I had a problem with my left hand falling asleep when I was getting used to my touring bike (drop bars, first time ever). Once I got my core strength built up I didn't have to put so much weight on my hands and the problem went away. I also got in the habit of stretching my arm behind my back every half hour or so.

operator 09-04-08 07:43 PM


Originally Posted by EvanWCbus (Post 7402998)
The frame is too big and forces me to stretch my arms. Could that be the cause?


Robert Foster 09-04-08 08:09 PM

I had a problem much like that on my flat bar mountain bike. Had the bars moved back towards me and up and tried to keep the saddle flat and it feels much better. I also have bar ends to give me a few more hand positions. So in short Yes you could be stretched too far forward.

bbattle 09-05-08 07:14 AM

You're putting too much weight on the bars. Assuming your saddle is set for KOPS(knee over pedal spindle at 3 o'clock), get a shorter stem.

On second thought, get the new bike sooner and don't adjust the Giant at all.

martytardy 09-05-08 11:00 PM

hands falling asleep?
When I have problems with my hands falling asleep, or going numb, after a period of time, for me it can be just a need to have several hand positions to alternate. If you're on a flat bar bike, either mountain bike or a flat bar road bike, you may consider adding bar ends. I had some great CODA branded bar ends on my mountain bike that I rode for years and rode thousands of miles with them and rarely had problems. Numbness can be caused from numerous factors. Check your seat angle to make sure it's level or nearly so. A local bike shop should be able to help you in checking over the bike as well. It may be that you're too stretched out or too cramped. (Sorry I don't remember all the details in your post, hence the inclusion of too cramped.) They can have you put the bike on a trainer in the store and check your positioning. If length is an issue, a different neck can help. If size of the bike is an issue, you may need a larger frame. A good bike store is a great resource though to make sure. I find gloves particularly important though as well. Hope this helps.

Desertsasquach 09-08-08 09:09 AM

I have that problem too . After about 16 miles I find myself leaning into my palms more I stretch out my fingers on the bars or sit up with no hands and stretch my fingers and replace in a different position. But of course I am really a new carbon free commuter weekly average up now to 82 miles a week.

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