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ryanmb21 09-04-08 06:10 PM

What should I do?
I grew up riding BMX bikes, in high school I switched to 1970's scwhinn cruiser with a single speed and coaster brake. I rode that bike all through college, till it got stolen and I replaced it with a newer one that I have today. I rode that bike everywhere and love it, to the beach and back everyday and everywhere in between. It was bomb proof, comfortable and I could even bunny hop it up 2 stairs. Served my purpose very well.

Now I don't ride as much. For exercise I play other sports, lift wieghts and jog. But I've had knee surgery in the past and my knee hurts!

So I bought a used Trek road and I take it out for rides usually for <1hr or about 12 miles. I like it ok, but I'm not comfortable on it. I like riding my schwinn better, the position is nice and it can handle jumping off a curb.

What should I do?

a. stick with it, I'm just not used to my road bike
b. get a hybrid (is there a tough one? swobo otis?)
c. just ride the schwinn
d. my road bike doesn't fit, get another one

Does anybody out there get good exercise <1.5 hours on anything but a road bike?

c_m_shooter 09-04-08 06:46 PM

Is your road bike the right size? Let us know how tall you are and the size of the frame, and we might be able to guess if you are even in the ballpark. Maybe go test ride some bikes and see what you like.

lisitsa 09-05-08 02:40 AM

I got out of road bikes as well because of comfort issues. I got a hybrid and have been very happy, but it does depend on you. If you go down to one bike, you'll find yourself loving it much more, rather than being split between two bikes. You could try selling your Trek. See if the Schwinn is good enough for all purposes, and if it is you can always invest the extra money in some nice panniers or a trailer, or something else.

Myqul 09-05-08 03:55 AM


Originally Posted by ryanmb21 (Post 7403019)
Does anybody out there get good exercise <1.5 hours on anything but a road bike?

Am "on the bench" at the with back problems so am not riding at all at the mo but i can ride my HiRacer (has two 26" wheels, rather than a big and small or two small) recumbent comfortably for easily 2-3 hours . Recumbent an option?

You could also look at "modifications" for you bike. Such as shorter cranks as the're supposed to help with knee problems (they help with my hip problem)

Will these fix my knee pain?

Almost everyone says they help. With short cranks, you apply more force to the pedal, with less muscle tension. And you work through a smaller range of angular motion.
So, it seems logical that;
If the problem is with the muscles or connective tissue they should help.
If your problem is with the main load bearing "bearings" between the femur and the tibia, the Articular Cartilage and the Meniscus, then you could make things worse. Please consult your Physician if you may have this sort of problem

This is from here:

Maybe look at getting kneesavers too.

Use the search thingy theres loads of threads about knee pain

Podolak 09-05-08 06:52 AM

Hey your single speed Schwinn can give you one heck of a workout. If that is where your comfort zone is, stick with it. Maybe you just need to change the gearing a little?

As far as your TREK goes, do you know if it is the right fit? Have you considered going to your LBS and have them check you out on it? It will feel different than the Schwinn no matter what but starting with the right fit for your body will help with your overall comfort.

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