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dmac49 09-06-08 08:28 AM

76 Columbia serial numbers ?
While living in California in the 70's I purchased a Columbia MTB 1800. I really don't remember the exact year. Maybe 75 or 76. I've searched through the various sites for the serial number and year info to no avail. I've even requested help from Columbia without any response. Does anyone have any ideas on tracking the info down ? Thanks.

Yesh 04-25-17 10:56 PM

I saw one tonight at goodwill!
So i have seen two such bikes! One was by the curb one night but had no head badge sticker so i didnt know it was a columbia, anyway it was in very bad shape i took it all apart it was a battle. Me vs frozen rusty bolts and junk!! I kept a few of the parts and donated the frame to the austin yellowbike project!

Tried to look it up too, i thought, "wow, this thing looks ancient with its huge brake levers and very atypical looking kick stand! Maybe i have got my hands on one of planet earths very first mountain bikes!!! The interwebs had no info!

Anyway i am rambling here but yeah tonight i saw another one at the goodwill in south austin at brodie and slaughter lane. I did a double take!

Anyway to the Op, dont know if you want one of these bikes or just info on it but the folks at goodwill are nice! You could call that store and pick their brains about the bike, or maybe even get them to ship it to you!! Who knows!

Good luck!

JanMM 04-26-17 09:38 PM

Not aware that there were Columbia mtn bikes in the 70's. Unless it was conversion of some sort. That's how mountain bikes first came to be.

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