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odonata 09-08-08 06:59 PM

Raleigh model info?

My husband has recently purchased a used Raleigh bike. I would love to get information about this model, like when it was made, materials used, etc. I can't seem to find anything on a Google search.

It says "Raleigh USA," and "Dash Plus Raleigh CX." A decal on the frame under the seat says "Heat Fusion Technology Seattle USA." It has a 23" frame, and the tires are 700-38c. The shifters and derailleurs are Shimano 100GS. I assume they are original to the bike, but I can't be certain. It has 21 speeds. The brakes are also Shimano, center-pull caliper. Most of the frame is magnetic, so I cleverly deduced that it is made of steel. The handlebars are like a cross between mountain bike and a three-speed style. (Sorry if this is a bad description--I'm new at this)

Can anyone tell me more about this bike?

Thank you,

odonata 09-15-08 02:27 PM

Gee, nobody knows anything about this bike??:( Is there another place I could ask?

Here's a picture, if it helps:

The wheels are 27" and the frame is 23".


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