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SamDaBikinMan 02-26-04 07:44 AM

Playin in da snow!
Well since we got a little dusting here I am going to get the Jeep and head up to the mountains to let Samantha experience some real snow.

I can't wait to get some video and pics of her playing in it. Should be a lot of it at the higher elevations in North Georgia.

jfmckenna 02-26-04 10:36 AM

We're suposed to get around a foot tonite. Oh well I got out for about 60miles last week and it was fun. This weekend is gonna be 60's so it will melt away and be really nasty on the roads :( Maby I should wax and skin up my back country skiis?

RonH 02-26-04 10:59 AM

Sam, I can't believe you aren't taking Samantha for a few laps around the mountain. :D

Can you believe that today we have snow and on Sat and Sun it's supposed to be sunny and 60F?
I'll be out ridin' for sure!!

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