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NZLcyclist 02-27-04 03:21 AM

My personal cycling site
As some of you may remember, I set up a site for Secondary School riding in my area, with general info etc. I am working on that to add more info and stuff at the moment, but as the season is a good couple of months away I am concentrating on my own site @: where you can find info on my racing etc. I have yet to add: goals, info on my bike (have pictures though) and anything that you guys suggest and I like.

So please take a look and leave a message here on the forums.


dexmax 02-27-04 05:28 AM

nice.. i see you have done some mods to the pages..


I believe you designed the page for 800x600 right?
there are lots of people using bigger monitors and higher resolutions.. It might be wise to consider designing a page that would accomodate a wider range of resolutions.

For example, the background image "nav_bar1.jpg" is 200x500px. If I am viewing the page @ 800x600 I may not notice the image has been tiled, but @ 1280x1024, I can see the cut..

NZLcyclist 02-27-04 02:46 PM

Yes that has been an issue for quite some time and am aware of it....just need to find the time to get A into G and fix it...


Xtrmyorick 02-27-04 03:14 PM

None of the links to your larger pictures works. Just so you know.

NZLcyclist 03-05-04 04:22 AM

The larger images SHOULD work...anyone? updated the site today.


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