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supadupamikey 02-27-04 09:11 AM

Anyone got a coupon for nashbar?
Anyone have a coupon for nashbar?

I got a whole list of stuff just sitting in my shopping cart... and I'm trying to find a coupon... but, haven't had any luck...

here's what im getting:

Innovations Slim Jim Pump/Inflator IN-SJ $25.99
Topeak Aero Wedge TO-AR $16.99
Topeak Alien XT Multi Tool TP-AXT $24.99
Topeak Handy Lever w/ Patches TP-HDL $0.99
Park Pre-glued Super Patch PT-GP2 $2.49

subtotal $71.45... and im going to go with the fedex 2 day delivery... another $10.xx...

coupon coupon does anyone have a coupon ;)

supadupamikey 02-27-04 09:21 AM

doh... cant ship fedex 2-day air because im getting an inflator... wtf...

stuck with ground shipping...

no luck on the coupon yet.. still looking

supadupamikey 02-27-04 09:44 AM

so... i still haven't found a good coupon... but, i might make a guess...

i found a coupon for 10% that expired on 11/03/03 and it was "W183".. then I found a coupon for 10% that expired on 2/03/04 and it was "W186"... so I was thinking that maybe they just increase the number once each month

therefore it'd be like...
expires 11/03/03 - code W183
expires 12/03/03 - code W184
expires 01/03/04 - code W185
expires 02/03/04 - code W186

so, the next coupon would be W187 and be good until 3/03/04, right? well i did a search on google and found some mention of that coupon being valid (yeah!), but, that it expired on 2/14/04... hmm...

i tried putting a couple different numbers in the "coupon" section when getting ready to check-out online, but, i've read numerous posts where people said that it didnt show the discount online, and they even had to put the code in the "comments" box and my credit card bill would reflect the discount as well as the invoice that'll ship with the products...

hmm... i could just put in W187 and hope they're feeling nice... or I could guess at W188 and hope its legit and hope for some kind of discount... or, i might just twiddle my thumbs a little longer and hope someone posts up a coupon or i find one... ;) i think i'll wait... at least for a while longer...

bg4533 02-27-04 10:55 AM

I think W187 expired 2/16. I used both W186 and W187 and they both needed to be put in the comments box. I wouldnt be suprised if there is a new nashbar coupon out in the start of march here.

Also, there is a lot of talk about these coupons in the hot deals forum. Future posts are probably better there.

supadupamikey 02-27-04 12:41 PM

screw it... i just went ahead and placed my order... time is money and i want this stuff yesterday!

supadupamikey 02-27-04 03:08 PM

son of a goat!

I went ahead and placed my order online a couple hours ago, and just for kicks i went ahead and put in W186, W187, and W188... but, I just got an email from their customer service saying the coupons were invalid and to call them... so, now i just spent 7 minutes on hold with them just to tell them to go ahead and process the order... so much for getting that stuff shipped out today... bah!

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