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Litespeed 09-25-08 11:16 AM

Rema 16mm patches
Does anyone know where I can purchase on-line 16mm patches (I want the smallest I can get), without being killed by shipping cost? I went to All Tire Supply, but you have to buy a minum of $25.00 (that was okay) but then they wanted over $10 just for shipping.

xenologer 09-25-08 03:30 PM

Why not drop by the nearest hardware store and get a tube of rubber cement?
Then chop up your old tubes to make patches?

Works great for me so far.

or you could just get the rema patches at the hardware store....

Velo Dog 09-25-08 09:35 PM

Rivendell usually carries them (, but the shipping kills--it's like $7 minimum, so I usually just have them throw in a few dozen when I order something else.
I wonder if a local shop could order them for you from QBP or someplace. One of the LBS here has been good about stuff like that when I've needed it, and if they're ordering anyway, they'll probably cut you some slack on the shipping.

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