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Greg 01-02-02 07:13 PM

Did Pete commute in the snow today?
Come on Pete, everyone wants to know!

LittleBigMan 01-02-02 07:23 PM

Everyone, Greg? ;)

Yes, I commuted in the snow.

But if had commuted by bike, it wouldn't have taken 2 hours! :(

(I might have been warm, too!)

hey, I could have, you know! :rolleyes:

Greg 01-02-02 07:45 PM

There's always tomorrow! :D

LittleBigMan 01-02-02 08:00 PM

No, too much chance of black ice (and white ice, grey ice...)


mike 01-02-02 08:53 PM

Come on, Pete. This is your one rare chance to Icebike! Don't miss it.

LittleBigMan 01-03-02 03:09 PM

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Hey, Mike, I did go for a spin around the block, just to try it. The traction was great, even in my skinny 28c tires! I guess it would have been tougher once the snow got up to my bottom bracket, but that won't happen around here. ;)

Here's a pic, just to prove we actually had snow:

LittleBigMan 01-03-02 03:18 PM

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Here's another!

A F Baker 01-03-02 04:37 PM

If that is your daughter, and I'm assuming it is, she is very cute!:angel:

Chris L 01-03-02 09:04 PM

Pete, I just wanted to say that at this moment, I am sofa king jealous.

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