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SoCalledFreeman 09-27-08 05:17 AM

Good Road Bike for $1.200 USD
Trek 1.2 looks good and cheap.

I am willing to spend up to 1.200 USD on a good road bike but wouldent mind spend a little bit less (less saving lol) suggestions appreaciated.

10 Wheels 09-27-08 05:24 AM

Look at Felts and Cannondales.

SoCalledFreeman 09-27-08 05:27 AM

I thought cannondales were REALLY exspensive, and are felts actually any good?
And what models?

SGRider 09-27-08 07:21 AM

I recently picked up a new Giant TCR-C from a LBS for $1400. It had a mixture of Durace and Ultegra, Kysrium Equipe wheels, Michelin Pro2 Tires, etc. It listed for over $2K, With 105 and TCR-3 or 2, the LBS was willing to sell for 1100 or 1200. Shop around and don't be afraid to negotiate. I am a firm beliver in nothing sells for list. Look for a left over 2008 or even 2007 model. They want to get them off the floor.

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