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bartturner 09-29-08 09:54 AM

Looking for inexpensive repair bike stand. Recommendation needed
I purchased the inexpensive Spin Doctor repair stand and it is worthless. It will not hold my P2C. I am looking to return and buy another repair stand. Looking for recommendation. Not really will to spend more than $130 or so. Hopefully something cheaper. It is for occasional work but I need it to actually hold my bike.

I also would like to find some inexpensive holder for a bike when not using. Not for repair but just hold the bike.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Nightshade 09-29-08 10:19 AM

Search the forums. There have been several DIY stands posted.

seagullplayer 09-29-08 11:11 AM

I saw a picture of a single bike rack made from PVC pipe, somewhere on here.....

HandsomeRyan 09-29-08 11:20 AM

I think BikeIsalnd sells a stand for about $100. I have no personal experience with that stand, but it's about the cheapest price I've seen for a full-function, floor mounted stand.

You can get a bench or wall mounted bike stand clamp for about $60.

operator 09-29-08 06:34 PM

If you buy an inexpensive stand you end up buying a more expensive one until you get the most expensive one.

Save yourself the trouble and just buy the best one off the bat. Seriously. Stands are not a place where you want to cheap out.

xlntRider79 09-29-08 07:57 PM

^^^ agreed, and if you buy one, it will probably be the last one you will ever need to buy. That said, I purchased a Wrench Force stand from my LBS for just over $150. It is sturdy and has all the features of the more famous brands

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