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RobZ71LM7 10-03-08 06:35 PM

Trek 7.5FX good price?
The two big local LBS have the 7.5FX priced at $899. Is this a decent deal? I'm new to bicycles and it seems odd, coming from cars and other hobbies, to see bikes listed at msrp.

Panthers007 10-06-08 01:22 AM

That is the current msrp - manufacturer's suggested retail price - the 7.5FX. As these are both the current production bike, and extremely popular, most places will charge - and get - this. The only other thing you can do is look around for a shop that has last year's model of the 7.5. Then you might be able to find a bargain. I did. Got my 7.5 FX for $710 plus tax just as the new model was arriving. The msrp at the time was $799.00.

Here is a link to Trek:

From there, go to Bike Path on the top tabs to review prices for all the Trek FX's and others. Aside from some small glitches, the 7.5 is a great machine. I'm quite pleased with mine. If I can help you with any questions, drop me a note here.

RobZ71LM7 10-06-08 06:32 AM

Ended up buying it at my LBS. They had MSRP on their website and charged $819 before tax in the store. I figure it's not a bad deal to support the local shop and get a year of service included.

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