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MichaelW 01-08-02 08:08 AM

cyber cyclery
Cyber Cylery seems to be back in operation. I know a lot of regular posters here were refugees from CC.
Some of the old CC regulars like Roughstuff are back, and I note that there is some cross-posting going on between bikeforums and CC.
It seems a pity to dissipate the online community between 2 essentially similar forums. I don't want to participate in both of them, but I know Id like like to hear the queries, views experience of the CC regulars.

Is there any way of integrating the two forums? I dont think an effort to shift all the posters away from one forum, to the other would be fair, but I know I will lose out if I only log onto one of them.

Whats to be done?

LittleBigMan 01-08-02 09:45 PM

Michael, the answer is easy to those of us with a "freer" turn of mind...just have both of them! Why not? Play the field (but don't leave US!)


Chris L 01-10-02 07:03 PM

Just visit both of them. Actually, CC has been back for a while, but the traffic there isn't anything like what it used to be.

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