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spazegun2213 03-28-04 04:05 PM

Chicago Bike Show!
Alright, so i went to the chicago bike show yesterday. It was at teh navy peir and was a little smaller than I expected. With no camera i will have to tell you the road bikes i oogled over. Campy was not there :( and shimano only had a singe booth (8X10?) and ony have DA and their new nexus stuff. Orbea was there with a single booth (suprised me) and i must say I WANT ONE! I had never seen one upclose and they are AMAZING, the colors are soo cool! I also saw my first colango c40, which even with the paint and the groupo, i think i would have still gone with the orbea. There was a place that is now putting carbon into tandems. They had a cool X shaped pattern of fiber supports that made a really cool stripe/tiger look. The weight on that tandem, was no more then 20lbs!!!!! Di Vinci tandems was there with their tandem design, which i must say looked rather cool, and useful. The bikes that most caught my eye were the 2 custom trek TT bikes by the bike pros. The newest model (whatever it is) one had a full American flag paint job with MATCHING nimble wheels and other need things. The wheels were done after the wheels in the last olympics. The other was done with a "tequlia sunrise" paint job with ksyriums. WOW, both i think should be on a mantle and NOT on a road!. The indoor TT made me long for my bike i left at school. I think thats it really... it was cool.. i liked it!

pitboss 03-28-04 04:51 PM

I picked up some Cinelli LA84s ($5), Suntour Superbe pedals ($4), 43t Sugino ring ($3), and a 17t Suntour track cog ($10). The show was okay at best, but the swap was THE BEST part!

Guest 03-29-04 06:30 PM

The show was alright, but it's been small for a couple of years since the old backers left and Subaru took over. I think they're just getting on with starting over and building up. It would be nice if they'd had more shows, and lemmie tell you, I was disappointed when they didn't have a projector so I could do my seminars with my powerpoint. Granted, I should have made the request, but I just still can't believe that NONE of the other lecturers used a professional presentation to do their lecture with. I had to settle with sending out everyone a copy of my seminars via email.

I had a great time getting the cheap stuff at closeouts. Due to the craziness of the weekend, I wasn't able to get to the swap meet- I was too busy dragging stuff back and forth from my crib to Navy Pier. I'm still beat from all the work I ended up doing for that show.

I'm crossing my fingers and hoping they continue to work on expanding it out. I like the location, though. It was a great day on Saturday and Sunday. 74 degrees! Freakin' awesome!


joeprim 03-29-04 08:00 PM

Wish I was there to see Ross and finialy meet Koffee. Sounds like a good show though.


Guest 03-29-04 08:17 PM

I met James Haury. He was a really nice guy, and we'll be hooking up at some point for a ride on our folding bikes.



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