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Absolute1 11-13-08 07:31 PM

Adding second set of brakes on flat bar bike
I have a bike with flat bar. Recently I put on Origin 8 drop bar ends. Very comfortable for longer rides, but need more control when speeding or riding down the hill. I know brake levers can be added to these bar ends. What I do not understand how to connect these brake levers to the ones I already have.
Can anyone advise on this?

BarracksSi 11-13-08 09:02 PM

My first idea is to get some road-style brake levers -- not the whole STI shifter-and-brake mechanism, but simple levers from Cane Creek, Tektro, etc.

Then, get some cyclocross levers like these:

And, of course, new brake cables.

You'll end up with a brake arrangement that looks a lot like what you'd see on many cyclocross bikes. The trick, though, is getting all that to work well around your shifters.

Velo Dog 11-13-08 09:23 PM

You want two sets of levers on one bike? Customarily, road riders mount their levers (road levers, the kind that go vertically on the part of the handlebars where they run down to the drops) high enough so they can access them when they're riding with their hands on top of the bars, or at least with the web between thumb and forefinger on the "hoods," the rubber covers on the levers. In that position you can reach them from the top (with two or three fingers) or from the drops. I've ridden that way for 30 years; works fine.
If you really do want levers in both places, the ones mentioned for cyclocross, mentioned in the other post, are sometimes sold as "Interrupters," I think. Rivendell ( has them if you can't find them locally.
Here's how they look set up:

mijome07 11-13-08 11:23 PM

Here's a photo of my 'cross bike.

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