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slvoid 03-30-04 10:56 PM

Anyone else's room ends up looking like this?
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Since I live in a small apartment, there's not much room to store the bikes and they end up in my room. Anyone else's room ends up looking like this?

tabby 03-30-04 11:53 PM

LOL. Ya, but my room is much bigger. But there is usually a tent set up to dry, climbing gear spread out all over, skis laying on the ground. So it ends up being just as cramped.

RiPHRaPH 03-31-04 07:01 AM

its just us here, right?

i have a 4 bedroom house and i persuaded my then 4 year old to move into my 6 year old's room so i could keep a room just for my bike stuff.

**now 2 years later they are starting to fight and i might lose my 'room' because he wants his own. i guess i'm going to have to move the baby into the older one's room <hahaha>

Guest 03-31-04 07:17 AM

Well, the easy solution is just to adopt out one of the kids.... :D

Other than that, dood, you've lost the extra space. Kids are always the priority, and the bikes come in a distant second. Why don't you send one of them to me? I'll take good care of it, with my single, purposely-barren self! :D ;)

I'm in the same situation as slvoid. I've got a small studio and 3 bikes I'm trying to figure out how to fit into the space without losing additional space.

It's a battle. But isn't love a battlefield?


RonH 03-31-04 07:19 AM


Originally Posted by slvoid
Since I live in a small apartment, there's not much room to store the bikes and they end up in my room. Anyone else's room ends up looking like this?

Ever thought about doing this so you'll have more space?

Guest 03-31-04 07:32 AM

Actually, I'm getting that pole from IKEA- it's da bomb, and I can also store other stuff on the pole too. I figured I can get all 3 bikes on it, assuming that I can get the middle bike on an elongated hook.


55/Rad 03-31-04 09:02 AM

One thing I've learned after having a family - no matter how much space you think you have, it will eventually be full and you will need more. (especially if you are married to a clutter hound)

Koffee - The 3rd space in my garage was dedicated to me and my hobbies. It started out perfectly organized 3 years ago. Now, I wish it was as neat as your room.


naisme 03-31-04 12:27 PM

Fit 19 bicycles in a one bedroom apartment, add camping gear, a bed two couches. I've got frames and wheels hanging in closets, behind the couches and under the bed, and I still trip over bikes. It's getting old. I'm not sure what to do with all these bicycles. I was thining of selling them with the bus strike still going on, I figure there may be a market for them yet.

foehn 03-31-04 01:52 PM


Originally Posted by naisme
Fit 19 bicycles in a one bedroom apartment. . .

For the love of God, Montressor! Ya can't collect all the bikes you fall in love with! There's no way you can keep all those bikes happy! Pick you favorites, say your favorite 9 or so and let the others go to loving homes! And remember you can buy more gear with the money you get from the bikes!

ngateguy 03-31-04 03:01 PM

yes but I finally got some storage racks so my bikes are up on racks in a spare room in the apartment. But i have no storage space for anything elso now.

Poguemahone 03-31-04 03:46 PM

Hehheh. I have a large house, currently with nineteen bikes in it, and room for plenty more. I have a garage and a basement and an attic and entire room in which I work on bikes when it's cold, now inhabited by my PX's.

bentbaggerlen 03-31-04 04:34 PM

I used to store my bikes in the house, in the dinning room. 3 tandems, a road bike, 3 or four bents all hanging from the ceiling. But I built a little bike barn 12x24' to store the bikes. Right now the only bike in the house is the tandem trike. Its sitting on the dining room table so I could build a custom rack to carry our bags. Yea...BentbaggerJan is an understanding sort :)

dexmax 04-01-04 08:36 AM

:D when we were rennovating the store.. I specifically had an 8'x4' room built for my bikes and jerseys/clothes and other cycling gears...

Same is true at home... compartments for the bikes...:D

Avalanche325 04-02-04 06:28 PM

If I wanted to get divorced, THAT would do the trick.

danr 04-02-04 07:43 PM

My room is trashed with 3 bikes, a work bench, tools, and all my other bike crap lying around.

That bike rack looks good. I've been considering getting one. That may be my next purchase.

dexmax 04-02-04 08:41 PM

I met a 70yr old British master frame builder yesterday, we talked about a lot of things... This topic included.

He said, one day his wife was so mad because the car port was full of bikes that the car was now parked outside.. And said she would throw away all those junk( i'm sure she didn't mean it ;) )..
After hearing it, he smashed all the cabinents in the car port out of anger..
After everything was calm, the wife had a bike workshop built in the backyard...

rustynail02 04-08-04 12:04 AM

I'd love to live like that but my wife want let me

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