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TMaples 11-18-08 06:26 PM

Is this bike single speed or fixed?
I just ordered this bike: , and I was wondering if it came single speed or fixed. Also, if I can switch between each one, how easy is it, and which do you suggest I ride with? I heard you can't coast on a fixed, and I don't like that idea.

c_m_shooter 11-18-08 06:49 PM

It has a flip flop hub, so one side of the wheel has a freewheel and the other side has a fixed cog. I ride fixed most of the time and like it, but it requires some getting used to. You might want to start with the freewheel and get used to the energy it takes to crank up hills. When you don't think you need to rest by coasting down the other side, give the fixed gear a shot.

Roody 11-19-08 12:47 AM

Some people would have done a little more research before buying, but oh well....

Machka 11-19-08 12:55 AM


Originally Posted by Roody (Post 7878010)
Some people would have done a little more research before buying, but oh well....

:lol: +1!!

Just wait till he rides it!! He might be in for a bit of a surprise. :D

Tom Stormcrowe 11-19-08 06:01 AM

Beware, if you get the fixed bug biting you, you may find yourself riding fixed by preference (ask me how I know this).

Actually, it's just plain fun and your control is so much better on wet or slick roads because you get immediate feedback from your drivetrain. Just don't forget to pedal. :p

Wanderer 11-19-08 08:49 AM

I believe that the OP was only asking which way it came. With it mounted SS of Fixed. Not what it was.

A legitimate question.

I guess the board police have nothing to do today.

duffer1960 11-23-08 04:46 PM


Originally Posted by Wanderer (Post 7878943)
I believe that the OP was only asking which way it came.

Good point, and if so nobody has answered yet .

OP, if it's on the fixed cog & you want to ride the freewheel or vice-versa, you just dismount the wheel and flip it the other way.

Mr Danw 11-23-08 05:02 PM

It is an SS, nor a fixed, the ad says freewheel.

staehpj1 11-24-08 05:39 AM

It sounds like it comes with a 16t on the fixed side of the flip flop hub and I bet it probably has a 16t on the freewheel side too, but they only say they added a freewheel and did not specify the number of teeth.

Little Darwin 11-24-08 09:10 AM

I have an idea for the next online purchase...

Send an email...


I want to send you $xxx for a __________, if you are willing to answer a couple of questions first.

... ask questions here ...


A potential customer

Then pay for the item if they answer in a way that makes you sure that you want to buy it.


BTW - I know nothing about the bike, but to ease your mind (if you haven't received it yet) flip-flop hubs are designed for easy change between single speed and fixed gear.

deraltekluge 11-24-08 10:17 AM

The answer to your thread title question is, "Yes."

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