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MikeOK 04-01-04 09:51 AM

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After a ride I usually hang my helmet on the porch to dry, and the other day after it had been up a couple hours I noticed a little wren buidling a nest in it. I went out and found an old cruddy helmet that I don't use anymore and hung it up.

MikeOK 04-01-04 09:53 AM

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Here's the result after a couple days.

bab 04-01-04 10:01 AM

Watch out for crows, snakes and squirrells. They love bird eggs among a million other animals out there. We had something similar and we they were all gone within a week... The next time we put some chicken wire around it(so only small birds can fit through) and ended up with 2 little babies around for awhile..

Gojohnnygo. 04-01-04 01:16 PM

Thats great MikeOK. I have two older helmets and will try the same thing off the side of my deck.

forum*rider 04-01-04 03:16 PM

neat, I have an old skate helmet that I can try it with. Actually we have a hummingbird nest in a tree right now.

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