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Deisel Weisel 11-25-08 03:22 PM

Cheapest USA Specialized / Trek Dealers?
Which Specialized / Trek dealers have the cheapest prices? What red tape might there be, getting in the way of people like me, importing to the UK?

tatfiend 11-25-08 05:23 PM

Not sure of cheapest but you may run into dealer contract problems with the manufacturer. Many bike dealership contracts list conditions such as no internet sales outside the dealer's defined area. Also no exports to countries where they have distributors.

Try an internet search for dealers for both brands and see if intenet sales and foreign shipments are listed. If not covered then an email to the dealer might help.

supcom 11-25-08 08:14 PM

Trek and Specialized do not permit mail order or online sales of their bikes. So, your biggest red tape will be finding someone to buy the bike in person and ship it to you.

Most dealers of these brands have about the same prices for the same models.

KungPaoSchwinn 11-26-08 10:48 AM

My not so close near by dealers are 145 and 120 miles aways, each city have 4 to 5 stores sell these bikes.

no1mad 11-29-08 02:06 PM

I did a generic 'find a dealer' exercise on Specialized's site. There are 20 dealers in the UK. I tried using Trek's dealer locator, but it just kept finding the two in my town (even after changing from the US to UK sites).

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