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sknhgy 11-29-08 07:41 PM

Would this bike fit me?
I know bike fitting is a science, but I have a chance at a used Kona Jake. I'm 5'8" and stocky. The bike is a 54cm. Anyone know the likelyhood of this bike fitting me?
I will have to drive about an hour to go see it, and yes, I plan on taking it for a ride.

no1mad 11-29-08 08:58 PM

It might. But you'll probably find the handlebars a little too narrow for your build.

stapfam 11-30-08 02:11 AM

I am 5'6" and an inseam of 30". I ride a 51 in coventional frame type but in Compact a 51 to 54. Sounds as though it will fit but remember standover height is not the critical fitting measurement. The top tube length will affect reach to the bars and I find that getting on the bike and the bars being the right length from the saddle-Once that has been set up right- is a better indicator of fit.

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