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Speedy 04-05-04 12:23 PM

Bike speedo
Just wondering a few things before i got one;

1). Does the "top speed" feature record the fasted you have ever been? (I'm guessing it does, but want to make sure :D )

2). What is the general top speed they can handle? (I will be doing a number of 'experiments' so it needs to be fast).

Cheers! :)

AndrewP 04-05-04 01:29 PM

You can reset distance, time, average speed to zero when you start your ride. So the max speed will be the max speed for that trip, or since you last reset it. Models vary but I think the max speed reading is usually 99.9 and can be either mph or km/hr.

Speedy 04-05-04 01:58 PM


99.9 makes sence or there wouldnt be enought room for all of the numbers :)

Avalanche325 04-05-04 02:07 PM

Most speedos can go over 100mph. Check the websites. Motorcycles sometimes use them to get accurate readings.

I doubt you will be able to top one out. At least, as long as you don't do something increadably stupid and deadly.

slvoid 04-05-04 02:32 PM

You and Merton should talk, I think he's working on some 2 foot wide 200 teeth chainring to set a land speed record...

abc 04-05-04 08:28 PM

I saw one for sale which claims it can measure to 360km/h with an accuracy of 0.5km/h :eek: Seems like a pretty pointless feature, I don't think I've ever seen a bike doing 360km/h. Same goes for motorbikes!

roadfix 04-05-04 09:09 PM

;) Just install 10 magnets on your wheel. You'll be going 10 times faster....

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