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specialized1 04-05-04 06:40 PM
Getting ready to buy some stuff from the above, but can't find anything good/bad about them on the site. So are the good to order from or should I look somewhere else? I mean they have the Michelin tires I want for $23 bucks and every where else has them for $35-$40....

Thanks for the help

bg4533 04-05-04 06:51 PM

Performance Bike is one of the biggest B&M and online bike retailers in the country. Like any store you will find people that say they are great and people who say they are horrible. Personally I have never had a problem with them and I would they are among the best bike stores online.

Also, check the Hot Deals forum here for a 20% off of $50+ coupon.

specialized1 04-05-04 06:54 PM


Thanks for the help and the 20% tip.......LOL

Brillig 04-05-04 06:55 PM

I've been ordering from them for years. Good and bad experiences, but mostly good. They can be very frustrating sometimes. Like when you join Team Performance to get the 2 day express mail upgrade and they take five days to pack your order so who care about the shipping at that point? That kind of thing.

But all in all, it's never been bad enough to stop ordering. On the good side, their prices are good and their customer service is usually excellent.

RonH 04-07-04 06:17 AM

I've been buying from Performance for a long time. No problems with anything.
BTW: They own Nashbar and Supergo.

L-Dawg 04-07-04 06:26 AM


Originally Posted by Brillig
I've been ordering from them for years. Good and bad experiences, but mostly good. They can be very frustrating sometimes. Like when you join Team Performance to get the 2 day express mail upgrade and they take five days to pack your order so who care about the shipping at that point? That kind of thing.

Guess I should consider myself lucky?... since they have a store here in town.

pcsanity1 04-07-04 06:44 AM

All in all they are great to deal with. The only problem I have is that they are so verrrrry slow to ship. Frequently takes 4-5 days to get the order out their door. My feeling is if they are that far behind it is time to hire more staff.

(Placed an order Sunday evening, still has not shipped.)


Brillig 04-07-04 06:46 AM


Originally Posted by L-Dawg
Guess I should consider myself lucky?... since they have a store here in town.

Yeah, they have a store here too. I still do most of my shopping with them online, though. The store doesn't carry near the inventory that they have online.

hillyman 04-07-04 07:26 AM

Performance is a little slower on shipping than Nashbar but a good deal is worth waiting a couple more days on.

55/Rad 04-07-04 08:13 AM

I trust Performance to have good prices (w/coupon) on the NEW things I know I want. Their catalog is great for finding ideas and comparing prices. However, I don't trust them to give me good advice.


shokhead 04-07-04 08:21 AM

Might as well join team performance.

wza97 04-07-04 01:03 PM

I've never had an issue with them taking a long time to ship items. The only time I had a problem was with a part for my roof rack that they didn't have in stock. I found it somewhere else and called to cancel that part of my order. No questions asked, they just did it.

I've also heard good things about their return policy, but I haven't had to return anything from them.

Applehead57 04-07-04 01:29 PM

I've had nothing but good dealings with them. No reservations what-so-ever.

Stubacca 04-07-04 01:32 PM

Good dealings here, too. Always to my door in 3 or 4 days with the Team Performance shipping upgrade.

I did have the problem with the Team Performance membership delivery, though. It finally arrived after about 6 weeks. I got the number after waiting one week by emailing their customer service department.

Tree Trunk 04-07-04 03:07 PM

I go with Performance for just about everything. The only thing I won't buy from Performance are shoes, but that's because I like Carnac and they normally don't stock the high end shoes. I won't buy shoes without trying them on first. Their shorts are a good option for the high end shorts, also. The only item that has been questionable quality was the commuter pannier I bought several years ago. I have had nothing but problems with the zippers.

MMPC 04-07-04 04:40 PM

Performance continues to earn my business as well - both on-line and in their stores. The people in the store closest to me have come to know who I am (bad sign for my bank account) and are very friendly and helpful. I joined Team Performacnce before buying most of my gear and - int he past 6 months - have received about $80 back (the resulting math makes me cringe! LOL).

I have had a few mishaps too - one concerning shipping, the other an incomplete product (missing a piece from a bike rack I purchased), but both were taken care of quickly and with professionalism. Some will probably say that their "house branded" merchandise is of inferior quality - I havne't found this to be the case and like the price savings.

Do they really own Nashbar? I always wondered - the formatting of their catalogues looks an awful lot alike! ;)

Allen H 04-07-04 05:08 PM

I've now had 3 or 4 orders where I ordered multiple items, but when they shipped it, at least one item was "discontinued" and therefore not included.

They reduced the $ amount charged by the item omitted, but it still sticks in my craw that they let me order it without saying it was out of stock or discontinued - hard to believe a huge mail-order business has inventory control that is that shoddy. In some cases, I've passed up other "deals" in the meantime, saying "I don't need that - have it on order already w/ Performance" - which hasn't been true, unbeknownst to me, several times now - just a word to the wise.

hillyman 04-07-04 05:33 PM

I have had a couple instances with Performance and Nashbar where a item I ordered with a money order was discontinued and they refunded my money, but kept the shipping and handling.

hillyman 04-07-04 05:39 PM

My favorite story of Nashbar is that I have to pay Illinois tax and rounded the 6.25%. They said I payed too much and sent me a check for 1 penny!

Guest 04-07-04 10:19 PM

The stuff I ordered on Saturday night was shipped immediately under my Team Performance. They deducted the coupon I used, and it arrived here today (Wednesday). So they did do good with the delivery. No complaints from me.


RiPHRaPH 04-08-04 12:57 PM

i've been ordering from performance since 1987. in that time, i've NEVER had a delay in shipping or a misbill or a return refused....they have better stock than others <their sale items are usually in stock, whereas others have limited supplies of sale items>

i live 20 minutes from a performance store and have used their 'red phone' before. if there is a similar item for a similar price i'll always go through my regular LBS though.
i also appreciate their hours. 10am to 8pm and 10-6 on weekends. year round.

i ordered sunday and got it wednesday (my wife says: needed another yellow jersey and more socks!!) used the 20% coupon and some points. hey, i needed a seatpost to match my stem, come on!!

i have also done very well with their bike shorts and house brand jerseys. and their inner tubes.

just got closeout winter stuff <leg warmers, balaclava>

love their hooded jerseys also.

Guest 04-08-04 03:01 PM

Ok, I went back to the original order I saved on my computer, and sure enough... I'd ordered sunglasses that weren't with the order. So I call Performance, and they tell me it's backordered, and as soon as they come in, they'll mail it out. So apparently, some of the caveats are true here...


Allen H 04-09-04 12:15 AM

Don't be surprised if the next communication is "it's been discontinued" - I got that "two step" (step 1: it's backordered; step 2: it's been discontinued) on at least one of the items I never got...

shokhead 04-09-04 05:58 AM

No place is perfect.

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