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originalbart 04-06-04 06:41 PM

LBS Traffic Heating Up
I tried to ride through as much of the winter as I could. I probably missed about six weeks due to courses I had to attend and just plain ugly weather. But I got a little taste of how close the good weather was this weekend.

I took my road bike in for a tune-up on Saturday (to make sure that the build I did isn't completely brutal) and could barely get in the door of the LBS. I felt like I was at the mall on Christmas eve.

My immediate thought was "Oh boy, I should come back later", then I realized that if everyone is starting to pile in, the warm weather can't be far behind. I had a quick chat with one of the guys that I spent a lot of time talking to in the shop during the winter. He commented how nice it was having the time in the winter to really help people and share his feelings about products and components. But then again... they're makin' their money now.

I guess I'm just happy that I can start to lose a layer or two on the rides....

Rev.Chuck 04-06-04 09:03 PM

From how busy I have been, spring is here and summer is coming :)

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