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Jay_2004 04-07-04 06:14 PM

Do I have a serious knee problem...
Hey everyone...

Throughout the winter I have been snowboarding/biking/ other stuff, and I had noticed that my left knee has been cracking when i bend it about 3/4 of the way. this isnt like a normal crack like I get sometimes...but its almost like a grinding popping also kinda clicks ever so little on the way back...its weird....I wanted to ask you guys before I go to the im only 15 and i REALLY REALLY REALLY doont want to have knee surgery at my age...or ever...I have heard that your knee hardly ever gets beter after surgery :( ...but anyways...if anyone else has had similar things....please post...thanks also...


OregonBound 04-07-04 06:57 PM

It could be nothing or you could be headed for a wheelchair in a week--don't screw around with this. If you're 15, your bones are still growing which adds a whole other layer of complexity. An online forum is NOT the place to be getting medical advice; go see a doctor.


OregonBound 04-07-04 06:58 PM

Damn, Merton and I are in agreement on something. Hell just froze over and the Cubs may win the series this year! :-)


jank 04-07-04 07:20 PM

to worry or not to worry, that is the question. 2 words "Scar Tissue"or Impingement Syndrom. The cartilage in you knee acts as a cushion to keep the two ends of your bones from rubbing. The creaking is either inflamation or the dreaded "scar tissue" from the cartilage being rubbed and squished to much. Only a doctor can tell you which. If its just inflamed - ice motrin and rest. Scar tissue - well you can either lower your activity and see if it gets better or the Doc can hook up the old Hoover and suck out the bad stuff. I have it in both shoulders and both knees. Go see a doctor and please rest your knee so it doesn't get worse!!!

Jay_2004 04-07-04 07:21 PM

im asking if anyone else has had this....

jank 04-07-04 07:24 PM

I have it right now in both of my knees.

Jay_2004 04-07-04 07:36 PM

what does the above do for you?

jank 04-07-04 07:41 PM

I take the stuff everyday.
Both glucosamine and chondroitin are synthesized by the body and are naturally found in cartilage. Researchers theorize that glucosamine somehow helps create new cartilage, while chondroitin may slow cartilage destruction.

jank 04-07-04 07:43 PM

This is where you can get info on the Glucosamine

spazegun2213 04-07-04 07:56 PM

go to the docs, really on he can say if its nothing to worry about.

randya 04-07-04 08:46 PM

I wrecked the cartilage in my left knee at 17. if you've had a crash that torqued your knee out and now it clicks and pops - possibility of cartilage damage. Common injury, arthroscopic surgery usually takes care of it, diagnosis is probably better these days w/ MRIs and CAT scans. Get a good doc!

Zin 04-07-04 10:59 PM

I was born with deformed cartilage in both knees. Bad enough that the military would not even take me! I used to be in pain all the time. (no kidding, my knees always hurt. Woud even wake me up at night.) Now with regular excercise and glucosamine and chondroitin I am almost pain free. The stuff really works. (ask your doctor before taking any new medication or herbal complex)

I agree with everyone else in that seeing your doctor is the first place to start. Report back here and let us know what he says.

Take care,

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