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DEK 04-09-04 12:06 PM

Motobecane - The New Company
Does anyone know where the new Motobecanes are being made and by whom? My understanding is someone bought the name. Their bikes seem to have decent specs and, in the (distant) future, I may have the funds to look at a new bike. Being that my current road bike is a 70's Grand Record, I thought it might be cool to have an old Motobecane and a new one. :)

geneman 04-09-04 01:17 PM

The frames are made in China which is not to say that they are bad. You must clearly distance yourself from all connection you had with the name for many of these brand revival bikes ... this includes names like Tommaso and Motobecane. "Made in China" is a stigma that need not apply to all bicycles. I say that from personal experience with my Tommaso.


RoadBiker1 08-26-04 03:48 PM

They are crap. My friend bought one and was not not happy with the quality or the service

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