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Chris L 04-09-04 09:27 PM

When the rain broke, 2004 in pictures...
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Ladies and gentlemen,

Throughout this year we've called 2004, I have had some of the most awesome cycling experiences imaginable. If opening the year with Tasmania's west coast wasn't enough, we've had some unique conditions up here, due to the worst drought ever being snapped like a lame twig under some serious rain. Some things have returned to normal, some have been changed by the combination of the conditions, and some just never change. This humble thread is an attempt to share some of the things I've seen riding over the last four months. Somehow I've condensed it to around 20 pictures. However, should I ever get bored, there is plenty of quality that just didn't make the 'cut' this time around.

Starting with a humble lake in Tallebudgera Valley...

Chris L 04-09-04 09:31 PM

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What I find impressive is the way some strands of rainforest managed to survive three years virtually without rain.

Chris L 04-09-04 09:33 PM

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I'm actually doing this ride again tonight. Beautiful by day, I wonder how it will be in darkness...

kewlrunningz 04-09-04 09:33 PM

That's purty.

Chris L 04-09-04 09:35 PM

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Well, of course there was climbing, I was just coming to that. Rosins Lookout, just out of the village of Beechmont.

Chris L 04-09-04 09:37 PM

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This was Lower Beechmont before the rains came through. That pathetic puddle on the left was actually Hinze Dam -- our water supply. Just as well that it now looks completely different.

Chris L 04-09-04 09:39 PM

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Cougal's Cascades - Currumbin Valley. We have water again.

Chris L 04-09-04 09:41 PM

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Change of scenery. Cabarita - Tweed Coast. No high-rises - Ra!

Chris L 04-09-04 09:43 PM

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Remember I said somethings never change? This mangrove patch south of Pottsville is just what I was talking about.

Chris L 04-09-04 09:45 PM

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Flowers on the water, Hastings Point.

Chris L 04-09-04 09:46 PM

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I just love a place with an epic name. This is somewhere on the descent of Mt Jerusalem

Chris L 04-09-04 09:48 PM

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Generally regarded as the halfway point by those climbing Springbrook - or at least, those of us who ride right to the top (not everybody does).

Chris L 04-09-04 09:50 PM

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Purlingbrook Falls. Awesome after the rain!

Chris L 04-09-04 09:51 PM

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Would be easy to spend all day in a place like this.

Chris L 04-09-04 09:53 PM

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Twin falls through the mist - not much can match this.

bac 04-09-04 09:53 PM


Originally Posted by Chris L
This humble thread is an attempt to share some of the things I've seen riding over the last four months.

ThanX for sharing Chris! your pix made my day. :)

Chris L 04-09-04 09:54 PM

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I've cycled to the end of the world -- here is the pic to prove it! :D

Chris L 04-09-04 09:55 PM

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There is something special about cycling in the clouds.

Chris L 04-09-04 09:57 PM

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Been riding to Springbrook for the best part of a decade now -- and still not tired of it.

Chris L 04-09-04 09:59 PM

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What I've really loved about the last couple of months is that the combination of dry and then wet has created life everywhere. I've never seen these wildflowers before...

Chris L 04-09-04 10:01 PM

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... Almost as if to prove the last flowers weren't a fluke...

Chris L 04-09-04 10:02 PM

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Heavy rain creates a small but elegant waterfall, which doesn't normally exist here.

Chris L 04-09-04 10:04 PM

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Everyone needs those special places - this is one of mine. I'm not revealing it's location however - that privilege is reserved for those who happen to be riding with me at the time.

Chris L 04-09-04 10:06 PM

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... And at the end of a long ride, I come home to this! At least when my passionfruit vine isn't overgrown.

pdxcyclist 04-09-04 10:32 PM

Such a hard life. I feel terrible for you, Chris L...

Obviously I need to start packing my digital camera on some tours. In defense, I had a beautiful ride today up the Columbia Gorge in Oregon-- saw about five waterfalls, multiple scenic vistas, a historic highway all to myself. All about 40 minute remote start away from home. A good day, even without mangroves.

Why would anyone want to experience these sights on anything but a bicycle?

Gorgeous pics. Keep it up. Try not to feel too guilty.

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