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egg 04-14-04 05:48 AM

Bike Manufaktur?
Hi everyone,

i've been looking at a bike in Germany called the "Magic LX by Bike Manufaktur" - a nice looking tour bike. However, for research, when I try and find some info about either the bike or the company via the web, nothing shows up.

Anyone here have any info. about "Bike Manufaktur" ??


RonH 04-14-04 05:56 AM

I don't read German, but is this it?

egg 04-14-04 06:05 AM

see, i thought it might be... but the bike i saw isn't listed on their site.

here's a link to the bike:

RonH 04-14-04 06:21 AM


Originally Posted by RonH
I don't read German, but is this it?

If you click on "Modelle 2004" the partial pictures look like the bike you're referring to.
There is also a "Kontakt" link and a "Händler" (dealer?) link.

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