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schwinnbikelove 04-14-04 08:56 PM

Bike swap meet near Toledo, Ohio!!!
I wasn't sure, this could've went into either Single/Fixed, or Classic/Vintage, so I put it in General.

Anyway, Memory Lane Classics ( ) is having one of their three yearly swap meets on the 23rd and 24th of this month, hours are general swap meet hours, really really early in the morning, to afternoonish. It's worth a drive if you live in the Tri-state area. It's alot of old Schwinns (MLC is a classic Schwinn dealer/huge warehouse of any old bike part you want (cruisers...)), Stingrays and such, but with any swap meet, there's always cool, wierd stuff. Just bikes. Grand Rapids is an awesome place, too. (well, awesome village).

I look really really forward to this every year. Like I said, they hold three swap meets, in April, August, and October, but April is arguably the best, as everyone's had cabin fever for a while.

At the very least, you'll meet other bike nuts and (romantic sigh) stroll along the river and stop at the local pizza joint.

***I'm not affiliated with MLC in any way, other than they are one of my LBS's. Not an advertisement, just really excited!!!***


schwinnbikelove 04-14-04 09:18 PM

P.S. I'd like to meet some of you!!!

MKRG: Pick up a tandem and I'll ride it with you. ;) :D

trekkie820 04-14-04 09:39 PM

I am definately planning on going now. Want me to bring my bike and show it off, maybe you could bring yours and we could cruise the streets a little?

schwinnbikelove 04-14-04 10:45 PM

That's what I was thinking.

trekkie820 04-15-04 06:17 AM


bg4533 04-15-04 11:07 PM

This makes me wish I was back in Toledo. Unfortunately no car to get back for it either :(

trekkie820 04-16-04 12:13 AM

I'm sorry man...should be a good time...If yuo can find a ride, come onup...we need fixie and SS culture represented [email protected]!!!!

schwinnbikelove 04-16-04 12:33 PM

Hey trekkie, I hope you weren't expecting anyone to know what "fixed gear" means... Most people here you'll see will be men of about 40, looking at the prevalent Schwinn cruisers...Still an awesome time, though. (You said you've been to the Apple Butter Festival? That means you've been to Grand Rapids before?)

trekkie820 04-16-04 02:05 PM

Nope, haven't been there. I'd like to go to the apple butter festival, though! DO you know yet what time you'll be up there?

robkov 09-25-04 04:12 PM

Varsity Deluxe, does anyone know why they stopped making the deluxes always in motion chain system?


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